The Culture of CSBIO
Strategies and vision of  CSBIO

Mission of CSBIO: supply first-rate service for health of the public with our products

Strategic direction of CSBIO:

1.       Product specialization: research effective emergency medicine for critical diseases. Drive sales with academic.
2.       Management standardization: establish scientific and standard operation procedures in accordance with the high standards of world’s advanced pharmaceutical companies in order to make all the instructions and actions rule-based.
3.       Market internationalization: persistently produce medicines of high quality to make it possible for Chinese pharmacy to take lead in entering high-end international market with competitive advanced biochemistry.

Vision of CSBIO

We always own the ideal to make CSBIO be a pride of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises and a world famous brand depending on our unremitting efforts and steady development.
In order to realize the ideal, we are to:
1.       establish a sound corporate image based on creditable management;
2.       build a brand in order to be one of the most celebrated and trustworthy enterprises in biopharmaceutical industry;
3.       enlarge our scale of production and marketing by developing business steadily;
4.       optimize our management and enhance our efficiency so as to strive for high-level profits;
5.       maintain a growth speed faster than our major competitors in order to enhance our vitality and realize the optimum allocation of all the resources by introducing outstanding talents;
6.       provide more returns for the investors continuously to satisfy our shareholders;
7.       deliver the sense of crisis and pressure to every member of CSBIO to create a competitive environment.